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About Digital Art / Professional Shadow the Hedgehog32/Female/United States Groups :iconsonadowonline: SonadowOnline
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Clean Pencil and Shade
A cleans up pencil drawing with shading.


Glimpse of a Future by SonicRemix
Digital Art
Animation style, shaded style, or screenshot-style

Mecha Sonic by SonicRemix
King Arthur - Legend of Camelot by SonicRemix
Sonic Kingdom - The True King by SonicRemix

Newest Deviations

As leader of the Sonadow community, I have a lot of Sonadow pictures in here for you guys to check out. Enjoy!



Battleground Nexus (working title) - Concept Art -
Princess Peach! I did her main design, then I came up with a new design for Battleground Nexus. I think Peach needs to break free of her DiD role, doncha think?
Battleground Nexus (working title) - Concept Art -
"Battleground Nexus" sounds better TBH. This is the new current working title.

This is Siren and her alter ego Crystal Star, from my original series "Sirius Chaos" Battleground Nexus is actually a direct effect from the Sirius Chaos comic, and my attempt to try and introduce viewers of my fan comics to my original works. I hope people will give it a chance.

Knowing people, I'm not gonna get much views or comments because 'its not Sonic' -.-
Battlefield Nexus (working title) - Concept Art -
Bouncing some ideas in my head for a crossover comic featuring SEGA and Nintendo properties. Naturally Sonic and Shadow are on my shortlist. Everyone's getting a stylized design for the comic...this is going to be a 'world crisis' storyline, similar to concepts like "Cartoon Network Fusionfall"

Feedback for concepts and ideas are appreciated while I work on building on this concept.
I'm actually debating the idea of doing a Sonic/Mario crossover comic. Something like a World Crisis themed storyline, with possibilities for adding in appearances from other SEGA/Nintendo franchises. What do you guys think?


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